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  • 1. How can I schedule an appointment with a Commercial Lender? Views: 1560
    To schedule an appointment with a Commercial Lender, call or email the Commercial Loan Officer by calling the numbers below or clicking on the commercial lender’s email address. William Kalianov Senior Commercial Loan Officer West Lakes Branch (515) 289-5562 (800) 235-3228 ext 5562 WilliamJK@veridiancu.org Steve Lindaman Senior Commercial Loan Officer Ansborough Branch (319) 833-4535 (800) 235-3228 ext 4535 StevenRL@veridiancu.org Marcia Correll Senior Commercial Loan Officer Blairs   More...
  • 2. What are the benefits of Veridian's business credit card? Views: 59
    Use your Visa card for cash advances at any financial institution displaying the Visa symbol. Sign up for automatic payment, and we'll make sure your Visa payment is made on time. Monitor your Visa account balance, payment status, and make payments by transferring funds from your checking or savings account anytime using Veridian's Online Banking at www.veridiancu.org or TellerPhone(24-hour automated telephone system). Purchase Security and Extended Protection Assists in protecting busin  More...
  • 3. What is the required down payment for a commercial real estate loan? Views: 50
    Down payments for commercial real estate range from 20 -30% depending on the type of real estate. For more information, contact a Veridian Commerical Lender.
  • 4. Is a down payment required on a business loan? Views: 44
    Yes, 20% down is required for commercial real estate and 25% down for commercial equipment. For more information or to set up an appointment, contact our Business Lending department.
  • 5. What types of business loans does Veridian offer? Views: 40
    Business Loans available include: Commercial Construction Mortgages Commercial Real Estate Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans Equipment Financing Inventory Financing Accounts Receivable Financing Lines of Credit Letters of Credit
  • 6. What are the rates on commercial loans/mortgages? Views: 36
    Rates for commercial loans and real estate vary and are dependent on credit, type of property and overall credit scenario. To find out more, contact a Veridian Business Services Representative.
  • 7. What information is needed to apply for a business/commercial loan? Views: 32
    We generally require the following: Completed Business Debt Schedule with balances reconciling with the recent financial statement Business Federal tax returns for the prior three years to include all supporting schedules, statements and K-1s Personal Federal tax returns for the prior three years to include all supporting schedules, statements and K-1s Interim business financial statement, including balance sheets and income statements no older than 60 days Management Resume to be completed by a  More...
  • 8. What are the terms for Commercial Mortgages? Views: 30
    Veridian offers commercial mortgages with a 25-year amortization and a 5-year balloon. For more information, contact a Veridian Commercial Lender.
  • 9. What type of financial information do I need to bring when applying for a commercial loan? Views: 25
    To apply, a completed application packet will need to be provided to one of our commercial lenders along with copies of the following documents: Business and personal federal tax returns for the last three years, including all schedules Year-to-date business financial statements, including your balance sheet and income statement (no later than 60 days old) A completed personal financial statement for each owner, partner, guarantor, corporate officer, or individuals with corporate stock ownership  More...
  • 10. How do I apply for a business loan? Views: 23
    To apply for a business loan, contact a Veridian Business Services Representative.
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